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I want to import Paper A4, and I heard that there is a valuation ruling on A4 Paper. Can you please share what is Valuation Ruling?

Can you also share how can I find the latest information on Valuation Ruling?

Best Answer

Valuation Ruling is a formal decision by the Pakistan Customs on how a certain imported good should be valued. 

In a nutshell, the Pakistan Customs puts a minimum price on which your imported items is assessed. So for example, if you are importing A4 paper at $0.1 per KG, and the valuation ruling says that the minimum price is $0.8 per KG, your duty is calculated on $0.8 per KG.

Please further note that incase in the above example your import price is $1.5 per KG, the duty shall be calculated on $1.5 per KG.

If you want to check the details of valuation ruling on all the items being imported in Pakistan you can visit the following official website of FBR and search for your products Valuation Ruling:

FBR Valuation