Digital Customs Clearance

Dashboard for Shippers & Importers

Get access to digital customs clearance in pakistan, with live visibility, instantly see the status of your shipment. Check whether your urgent shipment's original documents have been delivered to us, is your shipment released by Customs, is gate pass from shipping company handed over to your transporter. 

Everything is now just a click away!

1. Questions that you will no longer need to ask through telephone or email

  • “Is my shipment released?”

  • "What are the charges for shipping company, Delivery Order and Port?"

Get release status and duty, port, terminal handling amounts in real time

Shipment Status Portal

2. Details of your Shipment

  • “Was the correct classification of HS Code was used?”

  • "What is my B/L Number, Item, and Weight?"

Detailed entry data for every shipment

Shipment Details Portal

3. Account Management

  • “When can I expect the invoice?”

  • “Could you send me the receipt?”

  • "What about my demand or quotation for upcoming shipment"

All your transaction history, just a click away

Account Management Portal

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