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How can I start my Import and Export Business in Pakistan?

Faysal Soomro

I am very new to international trade and have no idea how I can import various goods from China to Pakistan. Can you please tell me the requirements to start my own Import Business?

I want to buy goods from Qingdao and transport it to Pakistan, and then sell it on my ecommerce store.

1 Answer
Munawar Ahmed
Best Answer

For any commercial import, you must have access to WeBOC.
WeBOC is an online portal of Pakistan Customs, without WeBOC, you cannot import or export in Pakistan under your name.

To get WeBOC, you should have the following:

  1. NTN

  2. STRN (Sales Tax)

  3. Chamber of Commerce Membership

After you meet the above requirements, you can apply for WeBOC.

PS: Before WeBOC, please do not pay any supplier. WeBOC requires the acknowledgement of the payment through Electronic Import Form, which is only possible after you are registered in WeBOC.

I hope this helps, if you are facing any trouble in registrations, you can contact us and our lawyers shall help you with registrations.