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Do I require any document to import Medical Device in Pakistan?

Faysal Soomro

I have recently registered myself as a Trader in Pakistan, and I have WeBOC ID so I can Import and Export goods.

I recently got order for import of Medical Devices.

I heard that there are few requirements that I have to fulfill import of Medical Devices. Is that true?
Can you put some light on what the Import Policy of Pakistan is with regards to Importing Medical Devices?

Thank in advance

1 Answer
Munawar Ahmed
Best Answer

Hey Faysal

Yes, for Import of Medical Devices, you have to possess a valid medical device license from DRAP (Drug. Regulatory Authority of Pakistan).

If you do not have such license, your shipment will be stuck at Customs and they will ask you for DRAP license to get it cleared from Customs.

To know more on Import and Export of Medical Devices, please refer to the following DRAP SRO (Page 20):


I hope this helps.