Discover Digital Customs Clearance

A solution to all your issues in clearing your import shipment from Customs of Pakistan with the help of technology and experience since 1981.

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Kings International Portal for Digital Customs Clearance

Registered in various Banks of Pakistan

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Who are we?

We are a customs brokerage firm, or in Pakistani context you can call us customs clearing agency. We help you move goods inside and outside the country. 

License granted by the Customs authority of Pakistan, authorize us to carry out customs procedures and requirements on your behalf in the entire region of Pakistan.

And recently we have gone Digital by implementing a Belgium Web-Based Management Software to help you in managing your shipments with ease.


Why going Digital works?

After 39 years of experience, 
we know what will help you succeed.

Real-time Visibility

Giving you accurate picture for all your shipments' details

Shipping Documents Management

All your shipping documents compiled at one place


Access it from anywhere, Mobile, PC and Tablet 

Status Updates

Receive updates on your shipment from arrival to delivery

Communication on Portal through Chatter

No more keeping track of emails and calls

Multi-Users Option

For a single company, many users can be created for collaboration

Import Easily.

Working with Manufacturers, we understand their pain points when importing, and hence our Digital Customs Clearance solves all of their concerns and issues.

Traditional Customs Clearance processes lead to disengagement and inefficiency. 

Too much paperwork in traditional customs clearance

Too much paperwork

They are formal, disconnected and can be misplaced, moreover, they are difficult to retain.

Too many calls in traditional customs clearance

Too Many Calls

Being Verbal with your traditional Customs Clearing Agency can take disastrous turns.

Too much time wasted in traditional customs clearance

Too much time wasted

Unavailability of focused and streamline processes can waste valuable time

It doesn't have to be like that. Kings International is a modern solution for all your Customs Clearance needs.

List of all your Invoices in Digital Customs Clearance Portal

View all your Invoices

View all your invoices of all your shipments with receipts of payments made on your behalf all at one place.

Now your invoices and demands are just a click away.

Status of your Shipments

Knowing the status of your shipment is very important. Get updates regarding arrival, customs clearance and delivery of your shipment in real time.

Real-time insights into your shipments status is now available on our lightweight Digital Customs Clearance platform.

List of all your Tasks in Digital Customs Clearance Portal
Collaboration in your tasks Digital Customs Clearance Portal

Collaboration was never so easy

With online chatter available you can comment, question and instruct anything or everything either general or for a particular shipment.

Tracking and collaborating between your boss and colleague was never so easy

39 Years of Experience working as a customs clearing agent

Join us and make your company a better place.